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Nottingham is a city I haven’t visited often and after Saturday I’m starting to wonder why. My journey up from our nations capital was smooth, quick and thoroughly enjoyable. The company was second to none and as we pulled into Nottingham to sample the hospitality the mood was buoyant. As is the case with the…


Our great club have treated us to some fantastic football this year. Some dominant, some hard earned but not once have I thought at any point this year that we’d given up. Until Sunday that is. In reality we were poor and we looked uninterested. Man City blew Everton away on course for what looks…

Fine Margins

Six weeks ago, when sizing up our fixtures, the game with Newcastle was always the one that I was most worried about. Not the trip to the Etihad, not the visit of Chelsea, Newcastle away. Why? Well the influx of Saudi oil money has turned them into a force this year. And last years defeat…

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