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A lot is said about the League Cup these days, most of it negative. But a cup is still a cup (just ask that lot from Middlesex) and going out of one is always disappointing. There’s nothing embarrassing about losing to Liverpool across two legs and there was nothing embarrassing about last nights performance. It…Continue readingFlat

Postponement Piss Boiling

I’ve decided after letting the dust settle to finally pen my thoughts on the football-less weekend we all watched unfold as Arsenal fans. As Arsenal fans we all know that we get treated differently to other fans. Liverpool and Tottenham enjoy media darling status from the british press and that has only been further highlighted…Continue readingPostponement Piss Boiling

Transfer Tales

Tonight we travel to Anfield to take on Liverpool in the Carabao Cup semi final and I’ll have a piece out about that tomorrow. However as I travel up today I thought I’d turn my attention to some transfer news doing the rounds. Mikel Arteta hasn’t given anything away so far but you have to…Continue readingTransfer Tales

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