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Chelsea Crushed

Trips to Stamford Bridge bring back a host of memories for most Arsenal fans. It was a happy hunting ground many years ago before oil money filtered into West London. But then after assembling a squad worth an insane amount of money Chelsea kicked into gear and we were on the end of a fair…Continue readingChelsea Crushed

Table Top?

Again please accept my apologies that there have been very few posts recently. There has been a lot going on both on and off the pitch. I won’t linger too much on the matches that I’ve missed due to there being so many. But stand out wins against Liverpool and most recently a thumping of…Continue readingTable Top?

Demolition Derby

Firstly, apologies for not posting in a while, as always life gets in the way of certain things and finding the time to write amongst everything else has proved tricky. It feels like a long time since our trip to Old Trafford and I said in my accompanying post that our reaction would tell you…Continue readingDemolition Derby

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