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Over the last 5 days I’ve seen us play both our best and worst football of the season. But it’s hard to collect my thoughts this morning following last nights Europa League defeat. On penalties to boot. Of all of my talk of Agony and Ecstasy, this morning its definitely the former. Pain. For a…


I’ve written many a post about the emotional roller coaster that we all ride as football fans. From joyous glory to crushing defeat. Agony. Ecstasy. And everything in between. Saturday was definitely on the ecstasy end of the scale. Sometimes things in football just seem to go your way, despite the efforts and doubts of…


Wow. What a quite mental weekend for the mighty Gunners in England’s second city. Full of frustration, euphoria and drama of the highest order. I’ve spoken before about football delivering searing highs and crushing lows. Thankfully for us, this weekend it was the former. Villa away is a game I tend to enjoy. Birmingham is…

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