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The dust has settled following a frustrating North London Derby that was at times frantic and lacked quality. There’s no way to jazz it up we were well below par on Sunday, across the pitch for me. Whether you think we “deserved” a point or not is largely irrelevant because in football you don’t get…

Whatever the Weather

Mikel Arteta himself couldn’t have penned a more perfect return to the Champions League, even if the weather was crap. Four goals, the first from the boy turned man Bukayo Saka and then three goals of pure quality. A clean sheet, three points and our European campaign is underway and in some style. Before that…


Those of us of a certain age will remember that period where for about six or seven years THE match to look out for was Arsenal v Man United. Often a title decider and always full of blood and thunder, we’ve seen some classic encounters throughout the years. But as with all things football has…

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