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7 Points

I said a while ago that if we took 7 points from Newcastle, Tottenham and Manchester United we were going to be favourites and that’s exactly what we did. Manchester United v Arsenal is a fixture that for both sets of fans stirs emotions. Titles won and lost, cups decided, THE match of the season.…


Arsenal and class go hand in hand. The way the club acts, the view from the fanbase and indeed the view from other fans all ties this together. On the pitch over the last decade it has ebbed and flowed. But at the Tottenham Toilet Bowl at the weekend make no mistake, we oozed class.…


As Arsenal fans we have a special relationship with the FA Cup. Not only are we the most successful team in the competitions history but we also seem to bring something a little extra to matches. With that means that we are also a massive scalp for any team to take. Meaning that the “magic”…

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