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Season Roundup

It’s been a whole week since the league season ended although it feels like a lifetime ago. Over the weekend the last bits and pieces of football were wrapped up in the play off finals and the Champions League final. I watched both but don’t care enough to comment about them here, one or off…Continue readingSeason Roundup

A massive game?

After a vital win against Leeds, attention turn to Thursday and the less successful team in North London. I read a piece this morning by Henry Winter about how this match is “seismic” and it got me thinking – is it? He was waxing lyrical about the romance of this fixture and how this is…Continue readingA massive game?

Hope Rekindled

Football is a funny old game. Off the back of three straight defeats against teams that we “should” be beating I had serious doubts about last night. When I saw the line up I had even more doubts. I could feel any hope slipping away. I trust Arteta and I trust the fabled process and…Continue readingHope Rekindled

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