It’s been a whole week since the league season ended although it feels like a lifetime ago. Over the weekend the last bits and pieces of football were wrapped up in the play off finals and the Champions League final. I watched both but don’t care enough to comment about them here, one or off the pitch. From an Arsenal perspective immediate thoughts turn to the Nations League nonsense which I won’t be watching. For the first time in a number of seasons I feel like I need a break from it all.

I realise I’m sounding very old here but in this day an age where every waking moment can be consumed by football it’s important to step away for a bit. The season is long and hard, emotionally draining and full of good and bad times. Filling the summer with endless speculation about this player and that isn’t for me. When I’m told something credible I take note but I don’t go looking for it. Usually I’d be looking at pre-season because that’s what my holidays look like but this year along with one of my good friends who hasn’t missed a game since before I can remember I won’t be there. Baltimore and Orlando are places I’ve been before and I have no desire to go back to. I can’t do further trips that I’m aware of but can’t speak of due to commitments but you know what? That’s okay.

A lot of people have spoken about the season and what it’s been. Successful, failure, promising etc. The answer probably lies somewhere in the middle of everything. At the start of this season the goal was clearly Europa League football and we did that with games to spare. But presented with an unlikely chance of the top 4 we simply ran out of steam on the home straight. It’s perfectly possible to be satisfied with reaching our target and disappointed that we didn’t take a chance when presented.

Where does that leave us? Going in the right direction for me. There is a genuine feel good factor at the Emirates this year. Everyone is behind the team and the manager. A number of things come into that: BOGOF beer, a younger more energetic group of fans coming through, a likable team and most importantly, a young team who care. A team that leave it all out on the pitch and you can’t ask for more than that.

Final Thoughts

So with all that said this is me signing off for now, enjoy the summer and I’ll be back nearer the season start (August 5th!). Until then I’ll leave you with a line of commentary that stuck with me from the United match: “Oh this club is happening again” – you better believe we are.



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