As Arsenal fans we have a special relationship with the FA Cup. Not only are we the most successful team in the competitions history but we also seem to bring something a little extra to matches. With that means that we are also a massive scalp for any team to take. Meaning that the “magic” of the cup almost certainly means that we’d be on the losing side. I’m sure there were many fans (and not just of Oxford) hoping for a dash of magic last night at the Kassam. I’d say I’m sorry to disappoint but that would be lie.

The first half however was a very dull affair on a surface more akin to a bog than a pitch. Not much happened, in fact I can’t remember much at all thinking about it. In the second half however with renewed enthusiasm we did what we went there to do. The whipped ball in from Vieira basically meant Elneny couldn’t miss, it landed on his head, he didn’t even have to jump. From then onwards any hope of one of those magic upsets faded very quickly.

Nketiah added a brace to put some gloss on the scoreline. Overall we did our job well in the second half and it was a good night all round for those of us who travelled up from various parts of the country. Our “reward” if you can call it that is a trip to the reigning champions in the next round. Tough but winnable.

Talking of tough but winnable, attention now turns to this weekends trip a few miles up the road. Any trip to our much less successful neighbours brings out a myriad of emotions: excitement, trepidation, anxiety etc. I often get asked “what’s it like?”. Well it largely depends on the result but it’s always uncomfortable, unpleasant and not for the feint hearted. Away fans have to take into account things that wouldn’t normally take a moments thought. Phone backgrounds, colours, anything tying to the mighty Red & White. Journeys have to planned with a contingency for any shenanigans. There have been some very unsavoury scenes over the years, let’s hope that the business is done on the pitch and not off it.

To those going on Sunday, be smart, be safe and I’ll see you there. Let’s hope for some Arsenal magic.



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