Arsenal and class go hand in hand. The way the club acts, the view from the fanbase and indeed the view from other fans all ties this together. On the pitch over the last decade it has ebbed and flowed. But at the Tottenham Toilet Bowl at the weekend make no mistake, we oozed class.

Getting into Tottenham in the past has been a bit of hassle, aside from the ridiculously long walk, I breezed in with my friends and enjoyed a raucous concourse with the rest of the traveling 3000 contingent. For a stadium that cost a billion quid though I did expect better (remember though this is an away fan). The concourse was small, nowhere near as wide as the Emirates which as kick off approached became a problem. But we managed to squeeze through and take our seats for the match. And what a match.

I’ve said that our performance oozed class but in the first half we played some of the best football I’ve EVER seen an Arsenal team play. The transitions were utterly seamless, our fight and passion was laid bare on the pitch and it quickly became clear Tottenham just couldn’t handle it. We were too quick, too accurate and eventually it was ironically a mistake that led to the opening but it was coming. Saka drove down the left wing and slapped a shot across the face of goal, Lloris somehow fumbled it into the net and the away end erupted.

Moments later it was 2-0 as Odegaard found the bottom corner from 25 yards. It was a clinical strike that showed just how good the Norwegian midfielder is. Quality. Class. Dominance. From that point on bar the odd Spuds chance the game was over. We eased up in the second half but they were never in it. We looked the complete package and the celebrations at the end showed what it meant to Arsenal. Fuck that fat slug Richard Keys and what he says. Riles him up so much and I love it.

I said a while ago if we take 7 points from Newcastle, Tottenham and Man United we were fully in the driving seat. That point remains which means Sundays game against a revitalised United is monumental. Lets hope we can exact some revenge for our unfair defeat at OT earlier this season.



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