We’re just over halfway through the international break and I’ve decided to pen my thoughts. Not much has happened from an Arsenal perspective. Kai Havertz; started at left back, scored and conceded a penalty in Germany’s defeat to Turkey. Trossard channelled his inner Cazorla and found the net for Belgium whilst William Saliba took part in France’s record breaking 14-0 win. I’d very much like it to be that from our perspective but we all know that won’t be the case.

In other Premier League news, Everton have been docked 10 points, with immediate effect, for financial breaches. The club on the front of had one infringement of a loss across multiple seasons. Quite what this means for Man City’s 115 charges and reports that Chelsea are in hot water who knows. But look at the statue of the three involved and I think we’ll see just how straight laced football really is (no disrespect to Everton).

The Premier League have shot themselves in the foot with this. Their desperation to avoid any sort of regulator now means that they have to punish their golden boys, two of the teams who sell the Premier League around the world. Should they not and there will be all hell to pay. It feels like football is approaching a moment, where a lot is going to come out in the wash. It’s now simply a question of which straw will break the camels back?

There’s Arsenal interest tonight across the board as there is a full set of International fixtures. However from an Arsenal perspective the only interest is whether our boys play and come back in one piece. No breaks, sprains or strains please! Then we head to West London for a tricky game against an unpredictable, yet tough Brentford side.

Till then.



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